26 Jan - 2017

Breaking Ground or Ground Breaking

Alright, alright, a bit ambitious with the blog title but it is a very exciting time at the 101 Uganda Project. We have officially broke ground which means we can now start foundation work on both homes. To get to this point we had to demolish the existing home, we are trying to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible with these builds. This started with the demo. Unfortunately, nobody would move the home for us or else we would have preferred to have it re-purposed by a new owner. With this out of the question, we started stripping everything that could be of value to others. We were able to give away the existing appliances (to a local charity to boot), the original fir flooring, kitchen cabinets, fir joists/2x4s, windows, and mirrors. All metal, copper, and aluminum was dropped off at the local recycle depot. This was a bit more work for the team upfront but completely worth it in the big picture.