26 Jan - 2017

Across the Bridge

Esquimalt is to Victoria what Brooklyn was to New York

Okay a bit of a stretch, but Esquimalt is a hidden gem within Greater Victoria.

Highlights (from experience):

  • Parks and outdoor living, as pictured.
  • Proximity to…everything! 10 minutes from downtown, Westshore, easy to access Highway 1. You could commute via kayak/SUP if you worked downtown and lived in these homes.
  • Young family/professional demographic = awesome rec centre, coffee shops, farmers markets, breweries, etc.
  • New infrastructure and improving/updating older infrastructure, see the Official Community Plan.
  • The PEOPLE, members of this community are passionate about where they live. As part of the re-zoning process we attended multiple City Council meetings. I was surprised by how many ‘regulars’ attended these meetings and if there was a Public Hearing the room was packed!

    Canoe to Canoe Brewpub?

    View from the Gorge Point Park