26 Jan - 2017

Corner Lot = Development Potential

“I knocked on the door of that corner lot I really like, I think they might be interested in selling privately to us”.

That simple sentence was the unintentional kick-off of Odin Developments and my husband pursing his dream of becoming a real estate developer. Two years later, we have sold our worldly possessions, added a new human to the mix, moved into my parent’s basement suite, and managed to successfully re-zone that beautiful corner lot.

I’ve managed to simplify the 16 month, multiple city council meeting, planning, spending, planning, spending, dreaming, and spending process into this photo collage:

Disclaimer: Odin Developments is licensed with BC Housing (2-5-10 Homeowners Warranty). Professional Expertise includes: BCOM, 2 Red Seal tickets (Plumber + Pipefitter/Steamfitter), 15+ years of commercial and residential construction experience, and 5+ years of Project Management experience.